PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is….

  • an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents and support improved academic outcomes for all students.
  • in more than 18,000 schools nationwide saving countless instructional hours otherwise lost to discipline.

At Newton High School, PBIS provides us with a system to 1) communicate our expectations for the positive behaviors we want our students to exhibit, and 2) frequently acknowledge students and staff who exemplify our expectations.

We are RAMS!

We are Respectful!

We are Accountable!

We are Motivated!

We are Successful!

We are RAMS! 


A student leadership team consisting of students from all grade levels. A RAMbassador is a student who is looking to grow in leadership. These students are students who possess a positive personality, are trust worthy, self-motivated, demonstrates being a great role model at all times and has a desire to help lead their peers.  Contact the school’s PBIS Administrator for information about applying.

Just in case you need to reprint these documents, here are some of the resources provided to you by the PBIS Team:

  • PBIS Classroom Matrix
  • Classroom Quick Reference Guide and PBIS Reinforcement Matrix

PBIS Resources :

Student Account Access from Anywhere - https://www.pbisrewards.com/resources/videos/student-account-access-from-anywhere/


What Works Clearinghouse is a resource to access reviews of research-based interventions.

http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/ > Topics in Education > Student Behavior >

Data Management Systems: