Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about ALANHS


  1. What is ALANHS?

    The Academy of Liberals Arts is a program that


  2. Where is the ALANHS program located?

    ALANHS is housed at Newton High School. Any student who resides in Newton County is eligible to apply and be accepted into ALANHS.


  3. When are students able to enroll in ALANHS?

    8th grade students apply in February, interview in March and selected in April.


  4. Where do I apply?

    The application must be completed online. It is located on the Newton County BOE and Newton High School websites. The deadline will be posted as well.


  1. What subjects do teacher recommendations need to come from?

             ELA, SS, Math, and a connections teachers (Foreign language, band, chorus, theatre, visual art, dance).
             The recommendation form will be sent electronically to the teachers email address provided by the student.


  1. Is it required to perform or present a special talent at the interview?

            Yes, students will be given 2 minutes to display their talent of interest on the interview day.


  1.  Do students who are accepted in the program pay dues?

            Yes; ALANHS student dues are used to fund for various activities and events.


  1. Is transportation provided for ALANHS?

    No; Parents must provide transportation to NHS.


  2. Is there a fee to be in the ALANHS program?

    Each student is expected to pay annual dues each year.


  3. What is the difference from ALANHS to STEM?

    Students will complete a liberal arts pathway (social studies/ sciences, language arts, performing arts (chorus, band, and theater), or visual arts).


  1. Are students to participate in ALANHS and STEM or NCCA simultaneously?

           No; ALANHS, STEM, and NCCA are all separate programs.


  1. Do I have to stay in ALANHS all 4 years of high school?

    Yes, in order to complete the program. ALANHS is a 4 year liberal arts program.


  1. Do I have to be a gifted student to be in ALANHS?

    No; students must be able to handle rigorous advanced courses.


  1. What type of activities do ALANHS student attend?

  • Field trips that emphasize liberal arts pathways

  • Plays and concerts

  • Domestic and International trips

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