Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about ALANHS


  1. What is ALANHS?

The Academy of Liberals Arts at Newton High School is a 4-year academic program that promotes liberal arts. Students will select and complete a pathway in liberal arts which include Performing Arts (i.e. chorus, band, dance and theater), or visual arts (i.e. drawing, painting, and sculpting), Social Studies/ Sciences, and Language Arts.

  1. Where is the ALANHS program located?

ALANHS is housed at Newton High School. Any 8th grade student who resides in Newton County is eligible to apply and be accepted into ALANHS.

  1. When are students able to enroll in ALANHS?

8th grade students apply in February, interview in March, and are notified of selection in April.

  1. What type of students are selected to be in ALANHS?

ALANHS accepts any student who demonstrates the capability of handling rigorous advanced courses, an interest in liberal arts and participating in community service projects.

  1. Where do I apply?

The ALANHS application will be located on the Newton County BOE and Newton High School websites. The application must be completed online.

  1. What subjects do teacher recommendations need to come from?

ELA, SS, Math, and Connection teachers (i.e. foreign language, band, chorus, theatre, visual art, dance). The recommendation form will be sent electronically to teachers’ email address provided by the student.

  1. What is the expectation when students are selected for an ALANHS interview?

Students are expected to display their talent of interest on the interview day and be their best self. More specific information will be provided by the Program Director.

  1. Will transportation be provided for non NHS zoned ALANHS students?


  1. Does the ALANHS program expect ALANHS students to pay dues?

Yes; Each ALANHS student is expected to pay annual dues each year. The dues amount is shared at the beginning of the year and is used to fund various activities.

  1. Are students able to participate in ALANHS and STEM or NCCA simultaneously?

No; ALANHS, STEM, and NCCA are all separate programs.

  1. How do you complete the ALANHS program?

Refer to the ALANHS Handbook “Program Requirement section” posted on the NHS website.

  1. What type of activities do ALANHS students attend?

Community service projects

Field trips that emphasize liberal arts pathways

College and career readiness workshops

Domestic and International study abroad trips