The emphasis of education for high school students in Newton County is preparation for life after high school. Through a range of intriguing and challenging courses, students find opportunities for critical and creative thinking, and vital skills for future success. Students may choose from many electives to pursue an interest in-depth, or sample subjects to focus educational and career interests. Strong instructional departments provide a solid educational foundation.

Honors and Advanced Placement courses are important curriculum features for College Prep students. The Quest program for academically gifted students offers honors classes in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies; these classes are taught on an advanced/enriched level and parallel the regular school curriculum.

Currently, Newton County has many business partners in the Apprenticeship Program which provides students who commit to post-secondary education the opportunity to receive work-based learning under a business partner mentor in his/her career field.

High school students may be involved in a wide variety of co-curricular programs, including drama, band, chorus, and visual arts. Students are offered civic, social, and service experiences beyond the classroom through a wide variety of clubs and organizations. The high schools of Newton County offer a comprehensive athletic program for secondary students.