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The Academy of Liberal Arts





Article I



Section 1.1 Name and Fiscal Year: This group shall be called the Academy of Liberal Arts at Newton High School Parent Support, known herein and elsewhere s ALANHS Parent Support Group (PSG).  The fiscal year shall begin July 1 and end June 30.


Section 1.2 Mission Statement: The Parent Support Group (PSG) is dedicated to establishing and acquiring funding and resources for the Academy of Liberal Arts that are beyond the standard financial resources that are provided by the Newton County School District.


Section 1.3 Purpose: Acquired funds and resources shall help to:

·         Ensure enrichment opportunities for academy students.

·         Ensure professional developmental for academy teachers for the benefit of academy students.

·         Ensure a competitive advantage for academy students in the post-secondary environment in the near term and the workforce in the long term.

·         Ensure a solid financial base to encourage growth and ongoing enhancement of the academy.


Article II



Section 2.1 Membership: The Parent Support Group shall consist of Members.

Household Members: Parents and/or guardians of ALANHS students are required to be a Member of the Parent Support Group as part of the ALANHS agreement.  Membership for the purpose of this document is defined as the “household” who the student resides in for the majority of the fiscal year defined in Article I. 


Responsibilities of Members that must be fulfilled to be considered in “good standing”:

·         An annual fee, per student, is required.  This annual fee shall be set by the Executive Board in collaboration with ALANHS.  To be considered a Member in “good standing”, the fee is required to be paid each year by the date set by the Parent Support Group.

·         A minimum of 10 hours of Parental Involvement Service is required annually per household.  The service must be directly related to the support of ALANHS and/or Parent Support Group activities.  At least 4 hours of Parental Service must be obtained by attending Parent Support Group meetings.

·         Your student must be in “good standing” with ALANHS.

·         You must participate in 2 fundraising activities annually.

Article III

Executive Board


Section 3.1 Executive Board Officers: The Executive Board Officers shall act as the governing body of the Parent Support Group and consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Executive Board duties are as follows:


President: The President shall be the presiding officer of the Parent Support Group and shall have the responsibility of leading the Executive Board Officers and Members in the business matters of the PSG.  The President shall approve the meeting agenda, ensure that the matters/resolutions passed by the PSG are carried out, and develop the business plan for the PSG.  Additionally, the President can be one of the primary signatories on PSG bank accounts.  See 7.2 regarding Bank Accounts.


Vice President: The Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President in his/her absence except for signatory on PSG bank accounts.  The Vice President maintains the membership roll and the parental involvement tracking records.  Additionally, the Vice President shall provide reports related to such tracking records.  the Vice President reconciles the PSG bank statements and financial statements of PSG.


Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep account of the budget and monies raised and expended for the organization.  The Treasurer shall conduct all associate accounting responsibilities of the PSG.  The Treasurer along with the President drafts the annual budget.  The Treasurer shall provide Financial Reports to the Members at regular Business Meetings and at the Annual Meeting.  The Treasurer is a primary signatory on the PSG bank accounts.  See 7.2 regarding Bank Accounts.


Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the meeting minutes and attendance records.  The Secretary shall also keep the meeting calendar and shall notify Members of meeting dates and shall send meeting materials in advance of meetings.  The Secretary is a backup signatory on PSG bank accounts.  See 7.2 regarding Bank Accounts.


Section 3.2 Election and Term of Executive Board Officers: In the first year of The Parent Support Group Executive Board Officers shall be appointed by the Principal of Newton High School (or designee).


Thereafter: at the end of year Annual Meeting, Executive Board Officers shall be elected by majority vote of Members in attendance.  Nominations shall be accepted by nomination at a meeting designated by the Executive Board.  The outgoing Executive Board Officers shall transition roles and responsibilities to the incoming Executive Board Officers during May and June (two months) with the new term beginning July 1.


Executive Board Officers shall be from one Household Member of the Parent Support Group (PSG) (as defined in 2.1) in good standing and must have a student currently enrolled in ALANHS, also in good standing.


Any Executive Board Officer may be re-elected for succeeding terms.  If an Executive Board Officer resigns during the year, the remaining Executive Board will appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of their term.


Section 3.3 Removal of Executive Board Officers: An Officer shall be removed from office and replaced only for good cause shown by a majority vote of Members present at a regular Business Meeting or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.

Article IV



Section 4.1 Business Meetings: Business meetings are set by the Executive Board.  Regular business meetings will be held a minimum of five times a year and other times as deemed necessary.


Section 4.2 Annual Meeting: In the month of May, the Annual Meeting shall be held, at which time new Executive Board Officers will be elected and a full and complete Annual Accounting of the financial condition of the Parent Support Group shall be made to the Members.


Section 4.3 Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called at any time by the President.  Also, any Member may request a special meeting through the President, in writing.  In all cases, special meetings shall be limited to the stated purpose, which must be communicated in advance to all Members.


Section 4.4 Majority Vote: a majority vote of the Members present is needed to approve any PSG business not otherwise specified in the By-Laws herein.   A majority vote of the Members present is needed to approve amendments to the By-Laws, to elect Executive Board Officers, or other business as appropriate.


Each Member as defined in 2.1 receives one vote.  Only Members in good standing are allowed to vote.  Additionally, each Executive Board Officer shall have one vote in all matters.  Non-members or Members who are not in good standing are not allowed to vote.


Section 4.5 Committee Meetings: Committee meetings for the purpose of implementing the objectives of an established committee shall occur at the discretion of the Committee Chair.


Section 4.6 Records of Meeting: Minutes shall be kept of all Parent Support Group meetings and shall contain a record of attendees, agenda, resolutions, and decisions.  Minutes shall be approved by the Executive Board prior to the next meeting.  Minutes are a matter of public record and shall be made available to any Member via written request to the Secretary.

 Article V



Section 5.1 Committees:  The Executive Board shall establish Committees as determined necessary to fulfill the mission and purpose of the Parent Support Group.  All Committees shall report to the Executive Board.  All Committees shall provide regular updates to the Executive Board as requested.


Committee Chair: The Committee Chair shall be nominated and voted on by Committee members.  The Chair shall ensure a formal Committee Plan is written which includes a budget or a budget shall be provided by the Executive Board.  The Committee Plan and budget must be approved by the Executive Board prior to execution.  The Committee Chair is responsible to lead the committee and to ensure the fulfillment of the committee objectives as outlined in the approved plan.  Additionally, the Committee Chair keeps a record of participation by PSG members.  The Committee Chair ensures timely completion of all action items.


Article VI

Conflict of Interest Policy


Section 6.1 General: The purpose of the conflict of interest policy is to protect the Parent Support Group and ALANHS’ interests when PSG is contemplating entering into a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interests of an Officer or Member of PSG or might result in the possible excess benefit transaction.


A person shall be deemed to have a “Financial Interest” if that person has, directly or indirectly, through business, investment, or family (a) any ownership or investment interest in an entity with which the Parent Support Group has a transaction or arrangement (b) a compensation arrangement the PSG or any entity or individual with which the PSG has a transaction or arrangement, or © a potential ownership or investment interest in, or compensation agreement with, any entity or individual with which the PSG is negotiating a transaction or arrangement.  Compensation includes direct and indirect remuneration as well as gifts or favors that are not insubstantial.


Section 6.2 Duty to Disclose: In connection with actual or possible conflicts of interest, any Officer or Member who has a direct or indirect Financial Interest must disclose the existence of the Financial Interest.


Section 6.3 Determining Whether a Conflict of Interest Exists: A Financial Interest is not necessarily a conflict of interest.  An Interested Person has a conflict of interest only if after disclosure of the Financial Interest and all material facts and after any discussion with the Interested Person, the remaining Executive Board Officers and members decide by majority vote that a conflict of interests exists. All minutes and decisions related to Conflict of Interest situations should be clearly documented.


Article VII



Section 7.1 Amendment: The Parent Support Group By-Laws may be amended or added to upon majority Member vote.


Section 7.2 Bank Accounts: The funds of the Parent Support Group may be deposited into certain banks or trust companies as the Executive Board may determine from time to time.  Access and signature authority on such accounts shall be granted to the President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


Each bank with which funds o the Parent Support Group are so deposited is authorized to accept, honor, cash, and pay, without limit as to the amount, all checks, drafts or other instruments when drawn, made, or signed by the President, Treasurer, or Secretary.


Notwithstanding anything herein, all check written in excess of $100.00 must be signed by two signatories.  In addition, a check written to an Officer who is also a signatory must be signed by two different signatories.


Section 7.3 Budget: Annually, a budget is approved by the Executive Board.  Expenditures in excess of $200 of the approved budget must be approved by the Executive Board.


Section 7.4 Annual Review: Prior to the installation of the new Executive Board Officers, a review of the Parent Support Group’s finances shall be performed by an independent party.  The results of the review of the financials shall be presented to the Principal of Newton High School and at the first Business Meeting of the new fiscal year.


Section 7.5 Marketing and Brand: All marketing materials and use of the Parent Support Group and ALANHS brand must be approved in advance by the Executive Board (or designee).


Section 7.6 Vendor Bids and RFPs: The Executive Board must approve all vendor bids and RFPs.


Article VIII



Section 8.1 The Parent Support Group Dissolution: Upon dissolution of the Parent Support Group all assets and monies will become the property of Newton High School and under the principal’s guidance.

Certificate of Secretary


I, the undersigned, hereby certify:

A) That I am the duly appointed, qualified and acting Secretary of the Parent Support Group (PSG)

B) That the foregoing By-Laws of the Parent Support Group were approved as the By-Laws of the Parent Support Group (PSG) at a meeting held _______________  and that the same now constitute the By-Laws of this organization.


Executed this _____ day of _______, 2018






Rhesa Lewis-Pousada

Secretary of the Parent Support Group






Samora Howard

President of the Parent Support Group








Dr. Victoria Lockhart

ALANHS Coordinator of Newton High School

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